MoonFighter (flame_butterfly) wrote,

Layout #1 - FLCL

I have no time so I'll just give you the layout.

Credit must be left as it is.
Anyone who likes the layout can use it. (that't not a rule but anyway...)

How to use your new layout:

1. Go to Customize and select Basics tab. Set the Style System to S1.
2. Then, select the Look and Feel tab. There, set all options under the Layout heading to Generator and be sure that you have set no colors under the Theme heading.
3. Afterwards, go to the Custom Options tab and paste the code I give you once I'm done with the layout.
4. Finally, go to Edit Profile and make sure you've got a URL under the Web Page header. THESE LAYOUTS WON'T WORK IF YOU DON'T HAVE A URL IN YOUR USER INFO.
5. You can add any info you want under the sidebar headers (A B O U T M E, L I K E S, etc.) as long as you don't meddle with the [tr][td] (<> instead of []) parts of the overrides.
6. If you have any problems with your layout, please tell me.
7. Enjoy your new layout! ^^


Just a few things:
The image was entirely coloured by me except from some texture parts thanks to dearest
I went from this:
Free Image Hosting at

To this:
Free Image Hosting at

And here's where you can find a preview of the layout:

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